Pennsylvania Volunteers

Train Together, Respond Together, Support Together

Benefits to Our Communities:

Securing our safety and freedom requires that we all work together. Every American has a critical role to play. Major disasters in a community can overload the capability of emergency responders, especially during the first critical 12 to 72 hours of the event. Citizen Corps will provide the community with a well-trained, readily available pool of local people who know their community and who can help during this critical time when outside assistance may have not yet arrived.

On a day-to-day basis, your council will help citizens take a more active role in crime prevention, risk reduction and emergency preparedness. Citizen Corps Councils and the programs they oversee will make your community a safer, better place to live. Specific benefits include:


  1. Giving the residents of your community a greater sense of security, responsibility, and personal control
  2. Showcasing your community’s efforts in crime prevention, public safety, emergency medical response, risk reduction and mitigation practices, emergency preparedness, and emergency response as part of the national Citizen Corps initiative
  3. Bringing together the volunteer and the emergency responder communities to promote the concept that everyone has a role in making their community safer, stronger, and better prepared
  4. Demonstrating your leadership and your personal commitment to the safety of your community;
  5. Building community pride and patriotism
  6. Preparing us all for the vital role of caring for ourselves and others in times of crisis.


Examples of programs we can help you establish in your local community:


CERT – Community Emergency Response Team program educates people about disaster preparedness and trains them in basic disaster response skills; such as fire safety, light search & rescue, and disaster medical operations. Using their training, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event and can take a more active role in preparing their community.


Neighborhood Watch – The National Neighborhood Watch program is housed within the national Sheriff’s Association, has worked to unite law enforcement agencies, private organizations, and individual citizens. Once trained, the Neighborhood Watch members work with local law enforcement to focus on crime prevention, disaster preparedness, emergency response, and terrorism awareness.


Ministry in Action - Community, faith-based, and youth programs that establish neighborhood support networks and disseminate disaster preparedness educational materials and post disaster training.


Medical Reserve Corps - The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Program strengthens communities by helping medical, public health and other volunteers offer their expertise throughout the year as well as during local emergencies and other times of community need. MRC volunteers work in coordination with existing local emergency response programs and also supplement existing community public health initiatives, such as outreach and prevention, immunization programs, blood drives, case management, care planning, and other efforts. The MRC program is administered by HHS. 


Search & Rescue – Team members are trained to assist emergency professionals in light search & rescue in support roles.


Fire Corps - Citizen advocates can assist local fire departments in a range of activities including fire safety outreach, youth programs, and administrative support.

Pennsylvania Volunteers Milestones




March 11, 2017 FCC Radio Operator License study class and examination, sponsored by the PA Volunteers –Butler Blind Association


March 17, 2017 – IRS issues tax ID number to the Pennsylvania Volunteers Inc.


March 20, 2017 – Pennsylvania Volunteers Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 503(c)(3) nonprofit organization


March 23, 2017 - Pennsylvania Volunteers Inc. is incorporated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a domestic nonprofit corporation


August 14, 2017Red Cross Shelter Training, First United Methodist Church, Butler.


September 11, 2017 UPMC Stop the Bleed Training, American Legion Post 778, Lyndora


October 9, 2017Special Training on Home Emergency Preparedness –American Legion Post 778, Lyndora


November 13, 2017Special Training on Water Filtration for Emergencies – American Legion Post 778, Lyndora


November 15, 2017 – Pennsylvania Volunteers is registered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a certified charitable organization.


December 11, 2017Special Training on Pet Emergency Preparedness, and Holiday Celebration – American Legion Post 778, Lyndora




February 6, 2018 – PA Volunteers with VOAD partner the American Red Cross   “Sound the Alarm” in Butler ,Pa.


February 12, 2018Hands-Only CPR Training by the Red Cross – American Legion Post 778, Lyndora.


February 24, 2018 Red Cross Shelter Management Simulation Training, sponsored by the PA Volunteers – American Legion Post 778, Lyndora.


March 12, 2018 – Special Training on Title VII for Volunteer Organizations – American Legion Post 778, Lyndora.


March 15, 2018 – Spoke at the Butler County Fire Chiefs Assoc. concerning Title VII Training.


March 20, 2018 – PA Volunteers information booth at the Butler County Area Agency on Aging event on Preparedness for Seniors – Butler YMCA.


March 23, 2018 – One-year anniversary of the incorporation of Pennsylvania Volunteers Inc.


March 23, 2018 – Pennsylvania VOAD votes on and approves the Pennsylvania Volunteers Inc. as a Full Pennsylvania State VOAD Partner


March 26, 2018 –Pennsylvania Volunteers Inc. acquires our Game of Chance License


March 26, 2018 –Pennsylvania Volunteer worked with the American Red Cross on their Regional Red Cross Shelter Simulation held at the Emily Britton School in Butler, Pa.  


March 28, 2018 –Pennsylvania Volunteer members assist the American Red Cross with a Seniors to Seniors Preparedness Program in Hermitage, Pa.


April 14, 2018 – PA Volunteers took Day 1 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training with the Butler County FEMA Dept of Homeland Security Trainer, a member of the Butler Emergency Management. 


April 15, 2018 – PA Volunteers took Day 2 and CERT Graduation   Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training with the Butler County FEMA  Dept of Homeland Security Trainer, a member of the Butler Emergency Management. 


April 20, 2018 – PA Volunteers partnering with the American Red Cross to present Touch Only CPR and Fire Safety to the Butler Intermediate High School


April 28, 2018 – PA Volunteers partnering with the American Red Cross in Sound the Alarm (Smoke Alarm insulation as well as fire preparedness and fire safety in Aliquippa, Pa.


May 1, 2018 – PA Volunteers partnered with the American Red Cross for the Beaver Valley Power Plant Regional Sheltering Exercise in Slippery Rock, Pa


May 12, 2018 – The Pennsylvania Volunteers were responsible for parking at Kids’ Day America as well as an information table.    


May 26th - The Pennsylvania Volunteers informational and Preparedness table was set up at the Memorial Day event held by the Crosswinds Alliance Church and the Freedom Families Organization.  


June 1st – 3rd  Pennsylvania Volunteers shared preparedness information and gave a Touch Only CPR class with the Rotary District 7280 Conference at the Marriot in Cranberry Twp.   


June 12th - Pennsylvania Volunteers were an active part in the Butler County Emergency Operations, four county drill, where we were assigned to handle all incoming calls and information and relay same to the Butler County Emergency Management Director. 


June 13th - Pennsylvania Volunteers traveled to Harrisburg to be part of the Pa Department of Human Services, two-day, 2018 Mass Care in Pennsylvania Symposium. 


June 26th - Pennsylvania Volunteers attended the National Weather Service, Skywarn, training at the Butler County 911 Center. Six members became Skywarn Volunteers.


June 28th - Pennsylvania Volunteers met at the Armstrong Studios and audio recorded four pamphlets for the Blind Association.  Two FEMA and two PEMA pamphlets on Preparedness for the Older American, Preparedness for the Disabled and Preparedness for your Pets.   See our Resources page to listen to these recordings.

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