Pennsylvania Volunteers

Train Together, Respond Together, Support Together

Who are the Pennsylvania Volunteers?

We are individuals who care about our families, our neighbors, and our community.  We care about others.  We are your neighbors, your coworkers, your fellow churchgoers -- we are YOU!

We are trained to support Butler County first responders, citizens, and families as well as business and industry during emergencies, times of strife, or disasters.


How do Pennsylvania Volunteers work with first responders and emergency personnel in my area?

Through specialized training which promotes understanding and respect between the Pennsylvania Volunteers and Emergency Management, local elected officials and local law enforcement, fire companies, and ambulance departments, strong working relationships evolve and grow.

Various trainings are presented by the Pennsylvania Volunteers or one of our certified affiliate organizations, so that our volunteers will be equipped to serve as support for all residents, families, and first responder agencies.

Do I have to be a certain age or have special qualifications to participate?

Pennsylvania Volunteers welcomes and has a place for those of all ages 14 and up and all skill levels.

What are some of the Activities of the Pennsylvania Volunteers?

Presentations -   We offer a host of preparedness presentations for all age groups.  Contact us to provide a presentation tailored to your group's needs or interests.

CERT -  The Community Emergency Response Team program educates people about disaster preparedness and trains them in basic disaster response skill such as fire safety, light search & rescue, and disaster medical operations.  Using their training, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event and can take a more active role in preparing their community.

Sheltering -  The Pennsylvania Volunteers are the official shelter team for Butler County, PA.  We work with VOAD counterparts to establish a safe place for displaced members of our community.

Medical PODs -  In the event of an area medical emergency, the Pennsylvania Volunteers are trained and prepared to open medical distribution centers for county residents.

Search and Rescue K-9 Teams -  The Pennsylvania Volunteers is proud to partner with several search and rescue K-9 teams.  These members train regularly to maintain their certifications.  Having these teams locally based and well-prepared saves valuable time by avoiding local authorities having to wait for teams from other areas to arrive. 

Because these dogs and handlers are all trained and certified by national standards as professional search and rescue dogs as well as comfort and therapy dogs, they are available to various organizations, groups, and first responders in the county of Butler.

In between training and deployments, the dogs and their handlers are goodwill ambassadors for Pennsylvania Volunteers!

The Pennsylvania Volunteers are openly searching for people who are interested in being part of the greater good, helping those in need.

Whatever your area of skill, or physical condition, there is a job with us that needs your help!  Background clearances are required.